Persistence on the Spiritual Journey: A Spiritual Discourse

January 21, 2020

This evening, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke on the importance of being persistent in our meditations. He emphasized that the most important aspect on the spiritual journey is the meditative aspect. It is in sitting in silence that we are able to connect with the Divine Power and experience ourselves as we truly are. For this reason, we are asked to be regular in our meditations. It is up to us to do our part to make time to sit daily so that we can get closer to God. Having done so, we should leave the results in God’s Hands, knowing full well that God gives us what is best for us.

It is easy, said the spiritual Master, to become disillusioned with meditation when all we might see within is darkness, despite our consistent efforts. He narrated an anecdote that illustrated how any worthwhile achievement in life takes time, effort, and persistence. Just like it may take over 16 years of consistent effort to build up a knowledge base to earn a bachelor’s degree, it is the sustained, daily effort we put into our spiritual practices that eventually bears fruit. This culminates in us experiencing the divine realms within us.

It does not happen overnight. Reiterating the importance of “keeping at it” despite minor setbacks, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji encouraged everyone to be regular in their meditations.