Sunday Discourse on Spirituality

July 14, 2019

Several hundred gathered at the Science of Spirituality International Meditation Center today to hear Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Addressing many newcomers in the audience, he focused his talk on spirituality, what it is, and what it isn’t.

Many consider spirituality to be about leading a life that is calm, smooth, and easy, in which we are peaceful in our interactions with others. In reality, the spiritual Master said, spirituality is a path which unfolds our true self, a path through which we get to know God the Creator, and we fulfill life’s supreme purpose of oneness with God.

Spirituality helps us realize who we truly are and how we can find our connection with God, he said. It is a misconception that God can only be found by negating life, performing austerities, or living a life of seclusion. In truth, all of Creation was created by God and God is present everywhere. God is within each and every one of us, and is equally available to each and every one of us, wherever we are.

To know God, we do not have to leave our home and hearth. Irrespective of who we are, where we are, or what our beliefs are, we all have a one-to-one connection with God. It is simply a question of focusing our attention in the right arena. If we have a sincere desire to know God, then God will extend all help for us to find God, he said. It is those who have a passion to know God that are successful on the spiritual path.