The Math of Spirituality with Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

May 19, 2019

Today Sant Rajinder Singh Ji spoke about our human existence, the golden opportunity before us, and the purpose for which we have come into this world. At our core, the spiritual Master explained, we are soul, a part of God residing in this human body. Our purpose for coming into this world is to realize ourselves as soul, and to find our way back to our Source, which is God.

The journey back to God begins when we experience our true nature and we embark on the inner spiritual journey, which happens through meditation, he said. Connecting with the Divine Power transforms us from an individual who thinks they are separate from everyone else, to one who realizes the oneness of all of God’s creation. The principles of math in our life change. We go from believing that one and one make two, to accepting the math of spirituality, where one and one make one.