A Discourse in Medellin, Colombia: “Bask in the Spiritual Sunshine”

January 5, 2020

This afternoon, thousands stood in lines wrapped around the Plaza Mayor Exposition Center, waiting in anticipation of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s discourse. This was the last public program of his South American tour, and the 3000-capacity hall proved to be the perfect venue.

The spiritual Master spoke about the human condition. He said that living at the level of our physical senses, we believe that the input received through our senses is all we can experience. We spend our time searching for lasting joy and happiness in this transient world, little realizing that there are spiritual worlds beyond this earth.

This world is a reflection of these spiritual worlds, which are within us and exist concurrently with the physical world, he said. Using the analogy of the channels of a television, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji explained that the channel of God is available to us at all times. We just need to take our attention away from the channel of the physical world and direct it toward the channel of God. We can do this through meditation, he said. In meditation we can experience the divine Light and Sound of God . We can bask in the spiritual sunshine of God’s Light, much as we bask in the outer sunshine here on earth.

Later in the evening, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji visited the Science of Spirituality Center in Medellin, a 3-storied building located in the Calazans neighborhood where spiritual gatherings are held every day of the week.