How to Keep the Calm: A Discourse in Lisle, Illinois

May 7, 2019

This evening, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj gave practical guidance on how we can remain calm, and how doing so benefits our spiritual practices. On the spiritual path, we are trying to achieve a state of oneness with God, he said. Anything that keeps us from stilling our mind keeps us from achieving this oneness and thus, keeps us from God. The key is to recognize the difficulties that disturb our calm and peace, and to take steps to resolve them.

The ups and downs of life will always be there, but we should strive to get to a state where we can deal with them in a manner that is loving and forgiving. To be calm and peaceful, we should strengthen our connection to God, which happens as we go within during meditation. True meditation, the spiritual Master said, is to know God, it is to be one with God and to experience God. This is the purpose for which we have come into this world.