“Awaken to Our True Nature” Kirpal Bagh, Delhi 

October 20, 2019

In his Sunday satsang at Kirpal Bagh, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of how God is omnipresent in every particle of creation and yet we are unable to perceive God. This is because God is too subtle to be seen by our physical eyes. Likening our daily life lived at the level of senses to a dream state, the spiritual Master said that all our precious time in this human body is spent taking in inputs from the outer world without knowing, much less realizing, our true goal which is to know God.

Whether we are going through hardships in life or not, it is akin to either having a good or a bad dream, as our attention is being constantly dragged into either enjoying the good or grappling with the difficulties. In either case, we remain away from God because, “as we think, so we become,” he said.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said to awaken from this dream state, we need to rise above the level of the senses, which happens when we remove our attention from the world outside and concentrate it at the spiritual eye, through meditation, so our soul can connect with the Light and Sound of God. With help and guidance, the soul embarks on a journey through the inner spiritual regions, experiencing realms of love, light, beauty and bliss, to eventually reach and merge back in God.