“Challenges Are a Part of Life” Athens, Greece

October 9, 2019

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj arrived in Athens, Greece this weekend. Addressing a large international gathering at the Dais Cultural and Sports Center, he spoke of life’s challenges and their role in our spiritual growth. Problems in life, he said, are a part of life. However, they serve a great purpose. When life is without challenges, we tend to take things for granted; we feel that all that comes to us is owed to us, and we develop a sense of entitlement to all of God’s gifts.

In this state, we fail to remember God. By contrast, when we are faced with challenges that we cannot surmount on our own, we look to a Higher Power for help. It is challenges in life that also cause us to question the meaning of life and seek to understand our purpose for being here – all of which serve to ignite a spiritual thirst in us that helps us realize who we truly are, and brings us closer to God, he said.

When we learn to take our attention away from the world outside and focus it within ourselves through meditation, explained the Sant Rajinder Singh Ji, we are transported into the inner spiritual regions of love and light. Partaking of the spiritual treasures, we experience ourselves as soul, and are able to experience God’s love.

It is this experience that makes us realize we are connected to God and that a part of God is in us and in everyone around us. Embracing our oneness, we extend a helping hand to all whom we meet. This personal transformation comes about as we find our connection with God, said the spiritual Master.