“Nourish the Soul through Meditation” in Cali, Colombia

January 1, 2020

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj delivered his first spiritual discourse of 2020 at the Centre De Convenciones Verde Arena in Cali, Colombia. When he entered the pavilion-like setting, he was greeted with more than a thousand candles being waved in the air by the audience. During his talk, the spiritual Master commented on the light from the candles, and reminded us of the inner light, the true light of God that shines within us.

He said that God is an Ocean of love and our soul, being a part of God, is also love. Living in this physical world, shrouded by layers of illusion, we have forgotten our true essence. We take ourselves to be the body and assume that what we experience through our physical senses is all there is to this life. As we embark on the spiritual journey, and we listen to the words of the saints and mystics, we awaken to the reality of our human existence.

Using the beautiful analogy of a garden, the spiritual Master reminded us of the basics of the spiritual path. He said that if our soul is to embark on the inner spiritual journey, we should nurture and nourish the soul, much like a seed in a garden needs to be nourished. An ethical life of truthfulness, humility, nonviolence, loving compassion, and selfless service provides the soil that our soul needs.

Next, just as we need to remove the weeds in a garden, we have to weed out the ethical imperfections rising from ego in our lives that keep our soul from moving Godward. Then, through daily and regular meditation, we nourish our soul through a connection with God’s love.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji concluded his New Year’s discourse with a reminder of the slogan for the year, “Meditate Plenty in 2020.” The program closed with a meditation session.