Stay Calm to Find God

April 18, 2019

This evening, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke on the importance of inculcating the ethical virtues in our lives if we are to fulfill the purpose for which we have come to this world. One of the great virtues we can have, he said, is to stay calm and peaceful amidst the various circumstances and turmoil that life brings our way. When we are in turmoil, we create disharmony which in turn creates difficulties for ourselves and for those around us, keeping us from being peaceful.

We come across many different points of view, understanding, and perceptions in our daily interactions. If we are not cognizant of this, and instead expend our energy to get our way, we allow our differences to cause disharmony. The spiritual Master said the key is to accept and tolerate these differences of opinion and perception. As we focus on keeping the harmony between ourselves, we will find that life gets calmer, more peaceful and more loving. This peace and calm carries over to our meditations, and we are able to still our minds faster and concentrate better so we can connect with the Divine Power within.