Tap into the Divine Harmony: Wiesbaden, Germany

March 31, 2019

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj returned this afternoon to the RheinMain Congress Center to deliver the second spiritual discourse of his visit to Wiesbaden, Germany. Speaking to the thousands of attendees, he addressed the turmoil that surrounds us today. The spiritual Master emphasized that it is how we deal with the turmoil that impacts how we lead our lives. When faced with turmoil, we have a choice to let stress and anger overtake us, or to take things in stride and look to God to take care of the situation. Anger, he said, causes disharmony – within us, with our loved ones, and with others who surround us.

Disharmony brings pain and additional stress into our lives, and as such does not serve us well. The key to leading peaceful and happy lives, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said, is to learn how to live in harmony with everything. Through meditation we tap into the great harmony of the Divine that reverberates through all of Creation. As we do so, we can experience the peace and harmony that we seek. Concluding his visit, the spiritual Master bid “Auf Wiedersehen,” (until we meet again), to all.