Keep At It

May 7, 2023

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj used the example of the weather to bring home an essential spiritual message. The weather in Chicago, said the spiritual Master, is known for its extremes and dramatic changes in a short period. While in many parts of the country, a sudden snowstorm or hail can bring life to a standstill, in Chicago, life goes on as usual. This is because Chicagoans have come to understand that no matter how difficult it gets, the weather is transient, and life cannot come to a stop each time we face difficult weather. We need to keep going.

Likewise, we may experience storms and cloudy skies in life when we least expect them. But we cannot allow these challenges to stop us in our tracks. We need to learn to harness our inner strength to plow through whatever comes our way, knowing full well that the tough times will eventually come to pass.

This lesson in resilience also translates to our spiritual practices, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. When we sit to meditate, we may be distracted and derailed by thoughts that bombard us. These thoughts come from the mind. He emphasized that when a thought arises, the key is to not focus on the thought. If we focus on it, we give in to the distraction, leading to more thoughts and distractions.

On the contrary, when we notice the thought, we should understand and remind ourselves that, similar to a storm in nature, the thought will pass. It will not remain forever. Our job is to keep going despite the challenge, leaving any worry of the thought to the mind, the source that gave rise to it.

The practice of meditation requires daily and regular effort if we are to perfect it. Therefore, we must be diligent and filled with zeal and passion to achieve our goals. While success may not come immediately, with dedicated effort daily, we will find that we are taking steady steps forward. In time, we will experience God’s love. Our job is to remain focused and keep at it, despite the distractions and difficulties that come our way.