Make God Happy—A Mother’s Day Discourse

May 14, 2023

In his Mother’s Day spiritual discourse today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the depth of a mother’s love for her child and the pains she will take to ensure her child is comfortable and happy. Yet, as children, we remain oblivious to her love and sacrifice, taking her for granted and not reciprocating the love. Despite this, our mothers remain ever-loving, ever-forgiving, and ever-ready to help and guide us.

Only when we become parents ourselves, he said, can we truly recognize the depth of our mother’s love for us. Our relationship with our mothers is reflective of our relationship with God, our Eternal Parent. God has provided us with everything we have in this life, yet instead of being grateful to the Giver, we have become enamored with the gifts we receive. In the process, we have forgotten God, who has been by our side from the moment we entered this world. The spiritual Master said we should give thanks for God’s love and benevolence with every breath.

On this Mother’s Day, as we seek to make our mothers happy, let us also think about what might make God happy. God is happy when, as children who have forgotten our true Parent, we turn our attention back to God. This happens as we withdraw our attention from the attractions of the outer world. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that in the stillness of the body and mind, we embark on the spiritual journey and connect with the inner Light to experience God’s love. Sincere effort on our part to take steps toward God invokes divine grace. As we recognize this grace, we are compelled to put in further effort, and through this alternating arc of grace and effort, we retrace our path back to God.