A Love Like No Other

July 24, 2022

On this fourth Sunday of July, visitors from around the world gathered for a special Sunday program with Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj to celebrate Spiritual Masters’ Day. Our mothers and fathers, he said, give us our physical birth. They provide for us and guide us in the ways of this world, and their love and sacrifices help mold us into the people we grow up to be. While our parents nourish and nurture our bodies and minds, spiritual Masters work in the realm of the spirit. They nurture our soul and help us understand why we are here. They provide us with the love and support needed to fulfill the purpose of our lives, helping us realize the precious opportunity of human birth in which we can reunite with God.

A spiritual Master guides us to redirect our attention from the turmoil and impermanence of this physical world to the peace, stability, and permanence of the spiritual worlds. By teaching us the technique of meditation, they take us on an inner journey and teach us to experience realities that lie beyond our physical senses. Under their guidance, as we awaken to our spiritual nature, we also experience our interconnectedness with all of God’s creation. Spiritual Masters work tirelessly and selflessly to give, give, and give to all who come to them, with the sole purpose of helping souls find their way back to God.