Unearth the Divine Treasures through Meditation

May 2, 2021

Addressing the audience gathered for the 52nd Global Meditation in Place, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj used a farming analogy to describe how we can cultivate and enjoy the crops of divinity within ourselves. He encouraged us to make the most of this human existence by unearthing the priceless treasure of eternal life that God has given us.

This human existence is a precious gift, said the spiritual Master. We have been given the treasure of eternal life—a wealth beyond comprehension. Our task in life is to uncover this gift that lies buried deep within us. We have at our disposal the mechanism and all the faculties needed to find this treasure. Saints and spiritual Masters come into this world to help us in this quest. By teaching us the technique of meditation, they offer us a method to unearth and partake of the divinity within.

Meditation, the process by which we take our attention away from the world outside and focus it within, is nothing more than digging within ourselves to experience these treasures. As we dig, we till the soil so the seed of the soul can grow. In meditation, we can journey into the inner spiritual realms occurring concurrently with this physical world. As we connect with the love and light of God through meditation, we water the seed of the soul, and we experience peace, joy, and bliss—the crops of divinity within ourselves.