A Spiritual Discourse in Lisle, Illinois: In God’s Embrace

December 30, 2018

On this last Sunday of 2018, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj delivered a memorable discourse at the SOS International Meditation Center, which was packed to capacity. Since time immemorial, saints and spiritual Masters have taught us, he said, that the principle of the path Homeward, is love. Love between us and God, between our soul and the Oversoul that brought all of creation into being.

It is this principle of spiritual love that we must develop so that we may fulfill the purpose for which we have been given this human existence. Living at the level of the physical senses, we become so entrenched in the hustle and bustle of our daily obligations, it is easy to forget that we have been separated from God. When we are fortunate to realize there is a supreme purpose to our lives, we begin to take steps toward this goal. It is then that we begin to take our attention away from the attachments and distractions of this outer world, focusing our attention on the worlds within. Everything of this world is temporary, he said.

Attaching ourselves to that which is transient will only result in disappointment and disillusionment. It is only through meditation that we can detach ourselves from all that is temporary and attach ourselves to that which is permanent – God. As we connect with the Divine Power in meditation, our soul is nourished, which in turn helps heal us emotionally, mentally and physically. Bathed in divine love, our soul progresses on the inner spiritual journey.

This experience of what awaits us beyond this physical existence extinguishes our fear of death, and provides all the stability we need to go through life knowing we are safe in God’s embrace. It all begins, the spiritual Master reiterated, with love for God and a sincere yearning to be with God. If we can remain in constant remembrance of God as we go through this life, we will find lasting joy, bliss and happiness.