Strengthening Our Relationship with God; Lisle, Illinois

December 22, 2018

Interweaving story and verse, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj today beautifully conveyed the meditative practice is at the heart of the spiritual path and this is the same for people from all walks of life. Success on this journey does not require fine-tuning our knowledge of the physical world. Rather, it is determined by the passion with which we seek God, and with which we cleanse our soul of the layers that shroud it and keep it away from God. The human body is the building within which the soul resides. As we prioritize meditation in our daily lives, and as we keep our attention focused on God at all times, we cleanse our soul and allow its pristine beauty to shine through. Spirituality, he said, is s a path of living positively in a joyous manner under all circumstances, knowing that God is in full control of everything. As we develop faith in God, grow in gratitude each day and commune with the Divine Power within, positivity begins to rule our life and this brings us closer to God. What truly matters in life, and what remains with us as we leave this world, is our closeness to God. It would behoove us, he said, to make the most of our time here in the human body, nurturing our soul and strengthening our relationship with God. This can only happen as we prioritize our spiritual practices, meditate daily and focus our attention on God as we walk through life.