Experience God’s Love through Meditation

December 5, 2021

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the indescribable nature of God’s love. In our physical world, we express love through words, flowers, and gifts—all of which are means to convey our love for someone or express how we feel about a situation. It is not so much the object given, but the sentiment shared that is important.

How about the arena of spiritual love that transcends matter? How do we express our love of God? And how can we experience God’s love for us? We can do this by communing with God, said the spiritual Master. This communion does not occur in the outer world because God resides within us. We experience God’s love when we invert.

Our true nature, the soul, is a part of God and is the power that enlivens our physical body. To experience the Creator, we need to experience ourselves at the level of the soul through meditation. Embarking on the inner spiritual journey, we connect with the love and Light of God. Imbued with divine love, we attain bliss that is far deeper than the happiness we seek in the outer world. The soul is nourished when we experience God’s love, and we are fulfilled. The joy of connecting with God’s love is indescribable and needs to be experienced to be understood.