Meet Life’s Challenges with Equipoise: Lisle, Illinois

January 15, 2019

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s topic on Tuesday was the importance of remaining calm and peaceful no matter what life sends our way. He said often we observe how different people respond differently when faced with the same circumstances. Some remain calm, while others get angry when life does not meet their expectations. It is important that we gain a better understanding of how our behavior and reactions impact the world around us. The question is how can we can take steps to ensure we are contributing to a more peaceful environment for all? When faced with the unexpected, we might react with harsh words and actions, making life difficult for everyone, especially ourselves. However, responding calmly to the situation not only makes it easier for us and all around us, it contributes to a better resolution of the situation. Thus, our challenge is to learn to deal calmly with the unexpected in life. To prepare ourselves for the unexpected, it is important we understand that things are going to happen in life which are contrary to our expectations. Meditation, he said, plays an integral role in our ability to stay calm under all circumstances. When we meditate, we experience states of stillness and calm within. Then we begin to reflect this inner stillness through our outer senses. Additionally, through meditation, we gain a better understanding of the oneness of all God’s creation. We begin to see others as an extension of our own being. As a result, our relationships are bound to be peaceful. The evening ended with meditation.