“The Gift of Giving” with Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

January 24, 2019

This evening, as Sant Rajinder Singh Ji touched on the many factors that help us on our spiritual journey, he delved into the aspect of giving. Living in this world of matter, we tend to believe that when we give to others, we will have less for ourselves. However, when we give love to others, when we share with others, when we give of ourselves to others–without any expectation of return–the law of abundance comes into play. The rewards we receive in the spiritual arena are tremendous, he said. This is because we are sharing the gifts that God has given us.

As we meditate, we experience the Light of God within us. Gradually, we come to see this Light in others, and we embrace everyone as an extension of God. As our understanding develops, we realize that everything we receive is from God, and that when we share God’s bounty with others, we are returning to God that which comes from God. With this, the spiritual Master placed the gathering in meditation.