Weed Out the Distractions: A talk by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji

January 17, 2019

This evening, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji used the analogy of gardening to help us understand how the distractions of life that keep us from knowing our soul and knowing God are like weeds in a garden. The more we focus our attention on these activities, the more we nurture the weeds, and the less nourishment we provide to the soul. When the soul is nourished we can take steps toward the soul’s oneness with God, which is our main purpose for being alive. For this to happen, we need to find time on a regular basis to sit in meditation so that our soul can commune with God’s love. Additionally, he said, we should be introspective and focus on improving those arenas in our life that make it difficult for our soul to love God. Let us take a closer look at our lives, he advised, and weed out the superfluous activities that add unnecessary complexity to our lives. This will free up our time to nourish our soul. In so doing, we remove the weeds in our garden that keep us from loving God.