A January 12 Discourse: Spiritual Rejuvenation

January 12, 2019

In Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s most recent talk, “Spiritual Rejuvenation,” he described the stages by which we progress spiritually. Living in this world, he said, we tend to live our lives at the level of the physical senses. Taking ourselves to be the body, we focus our attention on the upkeep of our body, mind, and emotions. At some point in our lives, however, driven by life’s circumstances, we begin to question the deeper meaning of life and develop a wish to understand the realities of our existence. It is then that we turn our attention to our soul, which is our true self.

The spiritual Master explained that this is the beginning of our journey toward spiritual rejuvenation. As our attention is directed more and more toward our soul, we develop a yearning to learn more. Quenching our intellectual thirst, we arrive at the need to have a direct experience of our soul. This we do through the process of meditation, where we invert our attention to the inner worlds and have a direct experience of the treasures that await us within.

In meditation, our soul is nourished through connection with the divine Light and Sound of God. Here we awaken to our true nature, experiencing more and more of the spiritual realms. Step by step, we lay the paving stones for our spiritual journey. Beginning with a sincere desire to know the reality of our existence and culminating in our soul’s communion with God, we find the fulfillment of life’s supreme purpose.