A Spiritual Talk in Bogotá: Unconditional Love Awaits Us Within

December 29, 2019

This afternoon, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj delivered a public discourse at the Colegio Sans Façon, a Catholic educational community in Bogotá, Colombia.  All our lives, he said, we crave love. As children, as young adults, and as adults, we look for love in one relationship or another; a love that is unconditional and that will not fade with time.

As we witness the fleeting nature of earthly love, we begin to wonder if an eternal, unconditional love exists. If it does, how may we find it? Saints and mystics speak of God’s love, which is unconditional and everlasting, and can be experienced within ourselves, the spiritual Master said. The two primal manifestations of God, the Light and Sound, are reverberating within all of Creation, and the key is to be able to connect with this Divine Power.

To do so, we must learn to remove our attention from the world outside, and focus it on the gateway to the inner worlds. This gateway is the spiritual eye that lies between and behind the eyebrows. Through the technique of meditation, we can embark on the inner spiritual journey, a journey of love and light where we become more conscious of ourselves, and where the love of God unfolds. This experience of God’s unconditional love brings us joy and happiness everlasting.