An Evening Q and A Session: “Love All”

January 5, 2019

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj was at the International Meditation Center in Lisle this evening where he answered questions of a spiritual nature submitted by seekers around the world.  Responding to a question about our interactions with others, the spiritual Master explained how important it is to be loving to all we meet. He said we should do our very best to be calm, caring and peaceful in all our interactions and find peaceful resolutions to any arguments that may arise. He said when we bring love into our interactions, over time a transformation is bound to happen. We should recognize that if we lose our calm or become upset, we bring turmoil into our own lives, and make it difficult for us to still our mind in our meditations. We should not allow the ups and downs of life to take away our tranquility. Instead, we should remain stable, do our best in all circumstances, be loving, forgive and forget the mistakes of others, and leave the rest in God’s hands. When we do so, he said, we will see there is a positive effect on everyone around us.