The Joys of Selfless Service

January 8, 2019

In his Tuesday evening talk, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke about the virtue of selfless service, one of the key helping factors on the spiritual path. He said saints and spiritual Masters tell us to share what we have been given in order to help others around us. When we serve others without expectation of any reward, when our service is done in the spirit of bringing joy to people or making their lives easier, and when we derive happiness from seeing others happy, then we are being truly selfless. As we walk through life, we have many chances to be of service, and we should not lose out on these opportunities. The more we give and serve others selflessly, the more joy we bring into their lives,and the more we will find that joy finds us. Our lives will become happier and calmer. When we sit to meditate, we will find it easier to concentrate and connect with the Divine Power. In conclusion, the spiritual Master urged everyone to instill the virtue of selfless service into their lives as it can bring steady and rapid progress on the path Godward.