Cleanse the Soul: A Talk at the International Meditation Center

January 3, 2019

In the first spiritual discourse of 2019, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj focused on cleanliness. Taking worldly examples to bring home the spiritual significance of the topic, he explained how when we fail to regularly maintain the upkeep of our windows at home, there comes a time when enough dust and grime collects on them to impede our vision of the world outside. This blurred vision results from our own negligence, but with the right effort and tools we can make amends and return our window to its pristine state. Similarly, he said, when we neglect to clean the gateway into the spiritual regions, we impede our spiritual vision and are unable to see or experience God. However, with the right tools we can clarify our vision in the spiritual arena. This tool is meditation. As we focus our attention within through meditation, we cleanse the lens through which our soul sees God. Connection with the divine Light and Sound of God peels off the layers of mind, matter, and illusion that shroud our soul and impede our spiritual vision. We are then able to experience God’s love and the realities of our existence. Thus, the key on the journey Godward, he emphasized, is to continue to keep the soul clean by being regular in our meditation practices. The program finished with a meditation sitting, the first of many to come in 2019.