New Year’s Resolutions: Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

January 1, 2019

As celebrations to ring in the New Year kicked off around the world today, attendees gathered for the last spiritual discourse of the year at the Science of Spirituality International Meditation Center. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj joyfully greeted one and all as he walked onto the stage, beaming at a packed hall ready to receive his inspiration for the year ahead. In his message, he spoke of how our New Year’s resolutions come from the hope to do better in the areas that are important to us. To achieve these resolutions, we must also have an action plan and a realistic time frame so that we can pace ourselves and track our progress. In the coming year, let us focus on those activities that will bring us closer to God, he said. We should resolve to experience God’s presence in our lives on a daily basis. This can only happen as we make time, every day, to sit in silence and experience God’s love within. When we put in the effort daily, we will be implementing the action plan that is needed for us to get closer and closer to God. To track our progress, we can introspect daily, to evaluate how we are instilling the ethical virtues into our lives. May our thoughts, words, and deeds be loving, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said, and may they apply a balm to the difficulties of others so we can alleviate their pain. As we deal with others in a loving, caring, and calm manner, we will find that our own lives will become calmer and it is easier to be still in meditation. The greatest resolution we can make, concluded the spiritual Master, is to give ourselves the present of God’s presence.