The Gift of God’s Presence: A Holiday Talk in Lisle, Illinois

December 25, 2018

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj opened his remarks this afternoon with a warm and merry holiday greeting to one and all. Speaking of the joy and delight with which children open their presents on Christmas morning, he commented that the gifts we give or receive have often been purchased. Through a touching tale, he reminded us that it is not the objects that we give but the kindness and love that we show someone that lets them know they are truly loved and cared about. A kind word, the gift of our presence, and sharing the little things in life bring more joy to those we love than any material objects. Also, often times, in the process of gift-giving during this season, we forget to give a gift to ourselves. Saints and spiritual Masters tell us that we have a great purpose for being alive. This life in itself is a gift from God so that we may find our oneness with God. This oneness can be found when we give ourselves the gift of God’s presence. As we do so, happiness, joy, and peace will come into our lives, and we will feel the stability and courage that comes from knowing God is with us. We can only give ourselves this true present when we focus our attention within through meditation. As we meditate and feel God’s presence, our love for God intensifies and we find ways and means by which we can experience this love in our lives more and more. The more we experience God, the more happiness fills our lives. This gift of God’s presence is available to each and every one of us, he said. It is up to us to take our attention away from the outer world and focus it within.