Key Factors to Help Us Meditate More in 2024

January 21, 2024

This afternoon, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj held the first in-person program of 2024. The Main Hall of the International Meditation Center in Lisle, Illinois was filled to capacity with people who had braved the cold winter weather to be in the physical presence of the spiritual Master. In his discourse that focused on the new year slogan “Meditate More in 2024,” he detailed several factors to help us devote more time to our daily meditations.

Understand the Benefits: One of the key impediments to meditation is our mind, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. Our thoughts are difficult to control during meditation. If we can convince the mind of the benefits it can reap from our meditation, it will become a helpful ally in reaching our spiritual goal. The benefits of meditation are many. From mental clarity to enhanced focus, concentration, and efficiency, meditation can help us excel in all spheres of life. Above all, meditation brings spiritual benefits, helping us achieve life’s most important goal of oneness with God.

Focus on Accuracy:
Second, we need to ensure we are meditating accurately in order to get the right results when we sit to meditate. When our technique is accurate, when our body and mind are both stilled, we can remain focused in the present moment despite the wiles of the mind to distract us with thoughts or put us to sleep. The more time we spend in accurate meditations, the better the results will be, assured the spiritual Master.

Practice, Practice, Practice: In addition to an accurate meditation technique, we need to practice daily if we are to succeed.

Motivation and Passion: In life, we can only excel at something that we are motivated to do, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. It is the same in the spiritual arena. If we are motivated, with an internal passion and zeal to meditate, then we will be successful in devoting regular time to it. When we keep our eye on the prize of experiencing the divine Power within, all distractions fade, and we remain focused on our destination. This comes with practice and direct experience.

Have Faith: To be successful in our meditations, we need to have faith in the Creator’s plan for us. If we sit in meditation each day with full faith, God will give us what is best for us, and step by step, God will lead us Home.