Nourish the Soul

November 13, 2022

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the importance of nurturing our soul if we are to fulfill the purpose for which we have been given this human birth. It is natural to think that we are simply the body and the mind, as this is what we experience through our physical senses. So, we spend much of our life nurturing the body and strengthening the mind and intellect. However, in the process, we neglect the most essential part of ourselves—the soul, which is who we truly are.

The soul yearns to be with God, the Source from which it originated. When we receive this human birth, it is the golden opportunity for our soul to reunite with God. But this can only happen when, through meditation, we direct our attention away from the outer world and focus it within ourselves. When we invert, our soul can connect with the current of God’s love and Light. Contact with this current nourishes the soul, and when the soul is fed, it blossoms. Step by step, as we put in regular time and effort toward our meditation practice, the soul progresses Godward until it merges back in its Source.