Walk the Bridge of Love and Light

June 5, 2022

The past two years have changed us. The pain of separation and loss many experienced has caused us to reflect on our lives and ask questions about our existence. Who are we, and why are we here? Is there a purpose to our lives? Where do we go when we die? If the body remains after death, what is it that dies? Questions such as this are the beginning of our spiritual quest. We realize that there is more to our existence than the physical body. We recognize there is a power that enlivens the body—and that is the power of God.

At our core, we are soul. Our soul has been long-separated from God and feels a deep pain of separation from its Source. It yearns to reunite with God. This pain of separation propels us on the spiritual journey to find and be one with the Creator. On our own, we cannot cross the great ocean of life and find our way back to God. We have neither the know-how nor the skills and tools to achieve this. This is where we need the help and guidance of a Master saint, who, like a gifted carpenter, helps us build a bridge of love and Light that carries us back to our Source. The saints build this metaphorical bridge by teaching us the technique of meditation, whereby we can traverse the inner spiritual regions to experience the love, joy, and bliss of the inner worlds. Meditation is the process by which we walk on the bridge of love and Light and progress toward God. To reach our goal, we need to make steady progress on our journey through a daily meditation practice. Then, each day we can build on the progress of the day before.