Cultivate a Healthy Mind
through Meditation

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Each day we are bombarded by sensory stimuli from all directions. Each message coming in through our five senses is conveyed to the brain. Some messages require a physical response, but many of them require intellectual or mental responses. We have to think through problems, make decisions, plan, analyze, synthesize, create, and then communicate our thoughts back to others.

Oftentimes, the mental stimuli can bring about reactions of fear, anxiety, tension, confusion, indecision, and a host of emotional responses. Mental tension and emotional pain take their toll on our body and physical health. It also affects our ability to be productive and effective in the world.

Healthy b=mind benefit of meditation quoteIn modern societies, much of the stress is not so much physical as it is mental. The challenges we face are mostly at the level of the mind. Often, in work situations, we have to find agreement with people who have different opinions and ideas than we do. We all have different ways of looking at the world. Our way of working differs. Instead of taking our differences in a congenial and friendly manner, we stake our whole existence on the decisions.

When we feel threatened by someone else’s ideas, decisions, or power at a mental level, we go into our flight or fight mode as if we were being physically attacked. The result is a stress response that leads to physiological reactions. Oftentimes, this continued fear and stress can cause emotional problems which bring great pain to us.

Meditate to Heal the Mind

We can avoid much of the stress, anxiety, and tension that faces us at the mental level by learning the technique of meditation. Meditation is a way to relieve stress at the mental level and help us have a healthy mind. A healthy mind means that we can deal with the challenges of life in a calm, composed way without it causing us to feel upset, depressed, anxious, fearful, or threatened. A healthy mind means we deal with life’s problems without it affecting our emotional make-up.

We take things as they come, deal with them effectively, try to find the best solution, and move on. We do not need to be overwhelmed, overpowered, and upset over the daily situations we face. By sitting in meditation, we develop the calmness to approach problems and situations. The more we sit in meditation, the more we are able to return to that state of peace and harmony at any time during the day.

From Pain to Joy

The joy and happiness we feel in meditation lingers long after we emerge from our sitting. It can stay with us throughout our day. Thus, while our mind is engaged in our work, we have an underlying peace that guides our thoughts, words, and deeds. We can then act from a higher place, from a place of peace and calm. In this way, we remain unruffled and undisturbed by life’s problems. Living life in such a manner can help heal our mind with its unhealthy and painful thoughts and emotions. In such a state, rather than being blinded by its pains and sorrows, we can drink from life’s joys and blessings.

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