Finding Inner Strength

Enhancing Our Spiritual Capacity During Difficult Times

This page has been developed to highlight videos and featured quotations by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. We hope it will provide inspiration and reassurance to you during these difficult days.

We are all interconnected. As members of one large family, when one of us suffers, we all suffer. The global community is experiencing an unprecedented challenge. In these difficult and uncertain times, when fear, anxiety, apprehension and loss are our daily reality, we are all looking for stability, reassurance and comfort.

calm water for art of meditation

As our physical, mental and emotional health bears the impact of the global pandemic, let us remember to enhance our spiritual health, and our spiritual capacity, as it will help us get through these challenging times. We can enhance our spiritual capacity through meditation.

Meditation is the means by which we experience the peace, love and stillness within us. In its truest form, meditation is about connecting with the Source of all love, which is God. It is about experiencing God’s love for ourselves. When we experience this love, we are nourished, uplifted and elevated. This love heals us, and changes our perspective of life, the world around us, and ultimately, it transforms us.

When we experience God’s love for ourselves, it becomes easy to experience God’s constant presence in our lives. It is this knowledge that gives us the stability, reassurance and comfort we seek, especially in times of need.

quote meditation peaceWhile meditation does not eliminate the problems and challenges of life, it helps us develop a higher angle of vision. The spiritual wisdom that we gain as we go within helps us understand the bigger picture of life, which enables us to look at difficulties in a different way and thus respond in a calmer, relaxed manner. We learn, through meditation that life’s panorama is constantly in flux. All things in life must come to pass. All challenges in life will subside in time.

As we bear witness to the challenge before us, let us find the peace, stillness and strength within through meditation, and let us become a source of calm, comfort and strength to those around us.

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