Caring for the Planet

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

There is a perfect balance in nature. Our world, our environment, and nature itself form a living, interdependent system. Seen from the proper perspective, there is no division or duality. Life itself appears to be a single unit. It is a living, conscious entity. It was formed by the hands of the Creator and was animated by God’s life breath.

Technology and the balance of nature

The perfect balance of nature which has maintained life on our planet for millions of years is being threatened by the very technology that has transformed the modern world.

Every day the media report new threats to the environment. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land from which we derive our food are all progressively polluted. The very atmosphere protecting the earth is endangered. The concern for the ecology of our planet is not limited to any one country or part of the world. We face a global problem.

"The ecological system which God created on our earth is so unique that ours is the only habitable planet in our solar system." - Sant Rajinder Singh Ji

Life’s interconnected tapestry

​All life forms one perfect tapestry. Fundamental laws and cycles underlie existence. The life cycle in nature is an example of perfect interconnectedness.

Water from the seas evaporates and turns into water vapor. In this process, impurities and minerals are left behind. The vapor forms into clouds, which are blown across the land. As the clouds meet cool air, the water condenses into water droplets, and these pour down as rain or snow which nourishes life. For countless ages, this cycle has brought water from the abundant oceans to the land so that animals and people can have fresh water to drink and green plants can flourish.

With all our advances, we have not devised a technology that can duplicate the method by which green plants convert sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water into food and oxygen. Through this simple process the earth receives a fresh supply of oxygen, necessary for all life, and an inexhaustible store of food is available. The ecological system which God created on our earth is so unique that ours is the only habitable planet in our solar system.

Living in harmony

If our planet, with its interdependent ecological systems, is to survive, we have to learn to live in harmony with all creation. If we are polluting our world it means that we do not care about anyone else. If we cared about our family, if we cared about our neighbor, we would not do anything to pollute the environment and make life difficult for other human beings.

The whole ecological problem could be solved if we as humans start to realize that each form of creation inhabiting the earth is an embodied soul. If we realize that the soul in us is the same soul that inhabits every being, whether plant or animal, and comes from the same Source, from the same Oversoul, from God, then we would care about and love every being.

We would see the Light of God in each living thing. Having love for someone, means you care about that person. Caring about someone means that you do not want to make his or her life difficult. If all of us in this world would start thinking of everyone else as our brothers and sisters, as being of the same essence as God that we are, then we would not do anything to harm other people.

We would try to live our lives so that we do not pollute the environment in which other people have to live. Through the process of connecting ourselves to the Light and Sound of God, we begin to realize the Light of God in all beings and we start believing in the brotherhood of humanity and children of God.

R​especting creation through meditation

bamboo respect life Rajinder SinghOnce we attain that state, it reflects in our own lives and helps the society and the country in which we live and the whole world. We must develop a kind of respect for our environment in which we do not ignore the claims and contributions of even the tiniest of creatures. Ecologists are sensitive enough to avoid altering anything in the environment which will upset the balance of nature.

Similarly, when we advance spiritually, we begin to move through life with sensitivity. We no longer injure the feelings of others. We treat those with whom we come in contact with love and gentleness.

As we develop the positive virtues and continue meditating on the Light and Sound, we will find that the imperfections and pollutants that covered us will fall away and we are restored to our original essence.

Dedicated ecologists feel a great sense of duty to work towards preserving the purity of the environment. They want to do what they can to live in harmony with nature. Similarly, those who discover themselves and realize God also feel a sense of responsibility.

The attainment of the spiritual riches is not an end in itself. One develops a deep love for all creation. One sees the hand of God behind every blade of grass. This respect and love for life manifests itself in selfless service. Those who realize God develop an innate desire to serve their fellow beings, and all life.

Let us devote our time to meditation so we can recover our innate God-given beauty. Once we develop it, we will reflect that radiance to all those with whom we come in contact. We will, in fact, shower that love on all living things and on our planet Earth.

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