International Day of Nonviolence

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

October 2, 2020

Nonviolence is not limited only to humans, but extends to animals, plants, insects, and each living form. Love, which is lying dormant in each of us, is awakened by nonviolence, and that love is actually the love of God. Once the love of God is awakened, we are not going to hurt any other living form.

It is ahimsa or nonviolence that makes one a true human being—the human being that God wants us to be. It is one who walks on the path of nonviolence who removes the pain and anguish of the whole world.

If we walk on the path of nonviolence, the whole world comes close to us and we draw close to the whole world. Our life is then lived for every human being who shares the planet. Strife, tension, and wars will disappear, and if we are at peace ourselves, our communities, our nations, and the whole world will be at peace.

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