35th International Human Unity Conference Focuses on Embracing Oneness

February 6, 2024

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj inaugurated the three-day 35th International Human Unity Conference in Delhi on February 4. Attended by thousands, the event drew delegates and speakers from around the world. The unique program promotes the universal message of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj (1894-1974), focusing on human unity, integration, and spiritual awakening.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji recalled how Sant Kirpal Singh Ji presided over the first Unity of Man conference fifty years ago. It was organized at the level of humanity, not religion, and everyone was welcome to attend regardless of whether or not they believed in God. The goal was to help humanity embrace our oneness as children of one God.

We are all one at the level of the soul and are a part of God, the spiritual Master said. We can only realize this truth when we go within through meditation. As human beings living at the level of the senses, we find ourselves in continuous turmoil. Our outer eyes and ears constantly absorb information from the outside world. The more we take in, the more we need to process, and therefore, the greater our state of turmoil and the more difficult it becomes for us to find stillness. For this reason, we need to “Meditate More in 2024,” so our soul can achieve the closeness with God it yearns for.

The conclusion of the conference coincided with the February 6 birth anniversary of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. In recalling his life, the spiritual Master said Sant Kirpal Singh Ji came as a gardener to tend to this garden of God, where flowers of many hues blossom and people of different religions, faiths, cultures, countries, and languages reside.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji encouraged everyone to walk the path of love and know that we are all connected. We need to be helpful to others and live a life of compassion and selfless service. Let us meditate daily, he said, to fulfill the goal of self-knowledge and God-realization in this very lifetime.