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A Program in Delhi: "Experience God’s Love through Meditation"

February 23, 2020

In a discourse at Kirpal Bagh, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke on the human condition, focusing on a way of living that can lead us to the goal of God-realization.

The spiritual Master explained that throughout life we mistakenly look for permanent happiness in the impermanent physical world. In spite of our best efforts, we fail in this quest and consequently become disillusioned with life itself. The fault, he said, lies with our ego. It leads us to believe that we are all different from one another, and we engage in competitive pursuits trying to outdo each other. We are living a life of duality which leads to sorrow and suffering.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that we cannot find God in duality. To find God, we need to become one with Him. When our soul experiences the true love of God within through meditation, it unites with God. God has chosen us to be in this human form, and it is our birthright to know God. We just need to take steps in the right direction.