Awaken to a Conscious Life through Meditation

February 13, 2021

Addressing the global online audience today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of how we can awaken to the beauty of God’s love and travel through life anchored in this love. In the face of life’s challenges and difficulties, it is easy to feel alone. However, he said, we forget that God is always with us and protecting us.

We forget this truth because we cannot experience God through our physical senses. But just as the sun’s absence on a cloudy day does not mean that it is still not shining brightly in the sky, above the clouds, our inability to experience God through our senses does not mean that God is absent. We are unable to experience God because our attention is focused on the outer world, a world of illusion where what is, is not real and what is real, is not what is.

To experience God, the spiritual Master said, we need to focus our attention on the inner spiritual worlds where God resides. As we do so, we awaken from leading an unconscious life where we believe we are simply the body, mind, and intellect to a life of consciousness where we embrace our true nature as soul, a part of God. We awaken to the beauty of God’s love that permeates the inner worlds, and we are imbued in God’s Light and love.

With this Light, all darkness is dispelled. We develop right understanding about our human existence, which leads us to develop right thoughts, words, and deeds, which transform us into good and true human beings. Having experienced God’s love, we walk through life anchored in this love, knowing that we are never alone. We begin to see the Light of God in everyone and spread God’s Light to all we meet, serving others to the best of our abilities. Through the law of abundance, when we give of ourselves to help others, we receive God’s gifts and blessings in plenty, and our progress on the path Godward comes in leaps and bounds.