Awakening from a World of Duality through Meditation

February 22, 2024

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj was invited to speak at a large indoor stadium in Goa, India, about 3,000 miles southeast of Delhi (February 21-22). Talking about humanity’s timeless quest for lasting peace and happiness, the spiritual Master described how we helplessly search for happiness in the outer world, not realizing that a fountain of joy and bliss awaits us within.

During the program, he said meditation is the way to tap into the inner treasures that will bring us lasting happiness. All that we seek without is within. The peace we wish for cannot be found through intellectual means or physical, mental, or emotional gains. Peace comes when we experience closeness with God.

When we experience God’s love in meditation, we go through a profound transformation. We awaken from a world of duality to one of oneness, where we embrace all of God’s creation as our own. Having realized our true nature as soul, we experience a change of perspective as our priorities shift from amassing wealth in the material world to gaining in the spiritual arena, from nourishing just our body, mind, and intellect to nourishing our soul. This promise awaits all of us as we embark on the inner spiritual journey with the help and guidance of a spiritual adept.