Be Loving and Kind to All

April 26, 2021

This Sunday, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of how meditation can help us achieve a state in which we are calm, patient, loving, and understanding in our dealings with others. As we look at our lives, he said, we find we often behave impulsively, resulting in anger. When we analyze the root cause of this, we see that our interactions and responsibilities have increased in these modern times, causing us to be hurried and rushed.

Our days are often dictated by schedules and deadlines, and amid the pressures and haste, we often say or do things that we later regret. The key, said the spiritual Master, is to be patient and understanding in our interactions. To get to this state, we need to realize our interconnectedness with others and our common purpose in life.

We are all here to know ourselves and to know God. We are here to lead a life where our thoughts, words, and deeds are loving and caring, bringing comfort to others. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said we can reach this state through meditation. As we focus our attention within through meditation, we enter regions of peace, calm, tranquility, joy, and bliss. Journeying into these regions, we experience God’s love which transforms us. We come to see the light of God in all living beings, and we begin to embrace everyone as our very own. As our soul connects with God, the source of all peace and calm within, we too become peaceful, calm, and loving. We become more patient and take a little more time to respond to situations. This allows us to be less impulsive in our behavior and leads to a state of happiness and joy.