Do It with Love

July 9, 2022

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of how we need to bring love and intention to everything we do. As we go about our daily activities at work or home, we can approach them from a place of obligation and negativity,  or we can bring in a more positive attitude and approach the activity with love and a smile. The latter, explained the spiritual Master, will allow us to enjoy the task and have better results. The former will only lead to stress and anxiety on our part and may not culminate in the best outcome. He said it is important to realize that anxiety and stress do not come from the task at hand; we decide whether to do a task happily and lovingly or with stress and strain. Whether we have a project at work or a chore at home, when we do it with love and a positive attitude, we not only enjoy the time we spend in that activity, but we also ensure the best outcome.