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 Download God into Our Being

June 28, 2020

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj presided over the 11th Global Meditation in Place event today. The program is an online forum for the worldwide community to gather together in our homes, during this pandemic, to meditate for personal and collective upliftment.

In his discourse that brought home the importance of this human existence and of the supreme goal that lies before us, the spiritual Master spoke of how nothing in this world is haphazard. Everything in the universe has a definite purpose. We are here for a reason. Our human birth was bestowed on us so that, after eons of separation from its Source, our soul could be reunited with God—the Source from whence it originated. We can fulfill this purpose by downloading God into our being, he said.

In today’s modern age, we are constantly downloading the world into our memory banks, and the processing power of our brains is being spent to decipher the many impressions that we register. If instead, we were to download God, we could make steady progress toward life’s supreme goal. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that the channel of God has been transmitting ceaselessly since the beginning of Creation, and it is occurring concurrently with all the channels of the world. To download God, we simply need to take our attention that is currently scattered in the affairs of the outer world and focus it at the spiritual eye—the gateway to the inner spiritual regions.