Everything is Within

September 2, 2023

The second day of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s tour program in the Netherlands saw a large international gathering at the Maaspoort Den Bosch. The inspiring spiritual discourse focused on the garden of love we each carry within ourselves. The spiritual Master described how, amid the concrete skylines of developed nations, we find little gardens and oases of greenery that serve as a sanctuary from the stress and strains of life. Similarly, unbeknownst to us, we carry such a garden within.

God, a divine Source of lasting happiness and joy, resides in our inner garden. We remain unaware of this haven of peace because our attention is attached to the world outside. Saints and mystics come into this world to help us discover our inner garden of love. They do so by teaching us the technique of meditation.

By inverting our attention from the outer world during meditation and focusing it on the inner eye, the gateway to this inner garden, we can embark on a journey to experience the love and Light of God. This connection with God’s love removes layers of mind, matter, and illusion that shroud our soul. The more we meditate, the more our soul is cleansed of these layers, and the sooner we can experience our soul in its pristine state. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that much like the rays of the sun that continue to shine even on a cloudy day, God’s love is always shining upon us, whether we recognize it or not. We can experience this transforming love through meditation.