Experience the Inner Springtime

March 20, 2021

In his web broadcast today, on the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the need to focus within so our soul can experience the inner springtime. Spring is when nature awakens from her slumber and we see her in all her beauty, he said.

Amid fragrant blossoms and sprouting seeds, springtime is a time of joy and happiness for all. However, this celebration is in stark contrast to the state of our soul, which is currently parched. Separated from its Source for eons, the soul is yearning to experience its union with God, said the spiritual Master. To fulfill the purpose for which we came into this world, we need to experience the inner springtime—when our soul awakens from its slumber and is nourished and rejuvenated by connecting with God.

This connection happens when we take our attention away from the world outside and focus it within through meditation. As the soul connects with God’s love within, it is nourished and blooms and blossoms so that we experience it in all its glory. On its journey, the soul experiences the sights and sounds, happiness, and bliss that no outer spring can compare with. We rise above the fleeting joys of the outer springtime and begin to enjoy the eternal spring within.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that to experience the inner springtime, we need to still our body and mind and focus within through meditation. We should practice it daily and regularly so we can experience the love of God and make steady progress back to God while we are in this human body.