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Experience the Sweetness of God’s Love through Meditation

June 27, 2020

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj elaborated on humanity’s timeless search for lasting happiness. Living in this physical world, we identify ourselves with the body and mind and have forgotten that our true nature is the soul, a part of God that enlivens the body. Furthermore, as this outer world is all we know, we also limit our search for lasting happiness to this ephemeral world, not knowing that all the treasures we seek await us within.

For as long as we identify ourselves with the body and search for happiness in the outer world, and for as long as we live on the peripheries of this human existence, true happiness will evade us, said the spiritual Master. To find lasting happiness, we need to journey into the inner spiritual regions. Through meditation, as the body and mind are stilled, the soul embarks on the sacred inner voyage to experience God’s love within. There is nothing sweeter than God’s love, he said. As the soul connects with God’s love, it is nourished, and it experiences the love, Light, and bliss of God. Recognizing itself as a part of God, it journeys onward to reunite with its Source, entering a state of perpetual happiness and bliss.