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Find Lasting Happiness through Meditation 

July 11, 2020

As thousands from around the world tuned in to Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s live broadcast today, the spiritual Master expounded on a topic with which humanity has been preoccupied since the beginning of time—the search for true and lasting happiness.

From sunrise to sundown, we spend our lives focused on priorities of the outer world, dependent on our physical senses to take in our outer environment. Living under the impression that this world is all there is, we look to our environment and our relationships to give us the support, joy, peace, and happiness that we seek. However, all things of this world are temporary, he emphasized, and attaching ourselves to that which is temporary cannot give us lasting happiness. If we are to find lasting joy, we need to recognize God, to experience God, to meet God.

God is within us, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. God is always watching over us, guiding our every step. With our limited intellect, we cannot understand the mysterious ways of God. However, as we focus our attention away from the outer world to embark on the inner spiritual journey, through meditation, we connect with God’s love that bathes the soul in bliss and happiness everlasting.