Finding Hope in Difficult Times

November 19, 2023

In today’s uplifting discourse, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj shared a blueprint for navigating life’s storms with hope and positivity, reminding us that we are never alone.

As the pendulum of our life oscillates between moments of joy and times of sorrow, we may find that when surrounded by turmoil, we become anxious, fearful, and even angry. Caught up in a downward spiral, we cannot extricate ourselves from the web of negativity and pessimism that we weave for ourselves. In this way, we add to the turmoil and create a stressful atmosphere for ourselves and everyone involved, leaving no place for hope or positivity.

Through a humorous yet poignant anecdote, the spiritual Master explained how our mind and physical senses can get the better of us and lead us into negativity in the face of a storm. However, the saints and mystics offer us a way out. They caution that when our boat is caught in a storm, we should not create another storm by adding to the turmoil, lest we capsize. The way out of the storm is to remain calm and still. How can we achieve this? We can do so by anchoring our boat in God.

Whether we realize it or not, God is always walking beside us. God brought us into this world, and the helping hand of God is always there to guide us out of any difficulty we find ourselves in. Living at the level of our physical senses, we cannot experience God. A spiritual Master helps us experience God by teaching us the technique of meditation so we can still the mind, transcend the physical senses, withdraw our attention from the turmoil of the outer world, and focus it on the inner spiritual world. In doing so, we will find a new world full of joy, peace, tranquility, calm, and bliss.

As we meditate regularly and connect with the inner Light, we experience God’s love and recognize God’s presence in our lives. God’s love is always with us. This love will carry us through all the ups and downs of life, giving us the strength to face any circumstance with hope and positivity.