Global Meditation in Place: Our Quest for Lasting Happiness

May 3, 2020

This evening, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj presided over the 6th “Global Meditation in Place” online event, attended by tens of thousands from far corners of the globe.

In his spiritual discourse from Delhi, preceding a 30-minute meditation sitting, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji spoke of humanity’s quest for lasting happiness and peace. Living in this physical world and taking ourselves to be the body, we search for happiness in physical objects and worldly achievements, only to discover that any joy to be had in the activities of this world is but temporary. Our desires for worldly possessions drag us in many directions. Yet regardless of whether we get what we want or not, true happiness eludes us.

The key to lasting happiness, said the spiritual Master, is to realize that permanent happiness cannot be found in that which is temporary. To experience that which is eternal, we have to look beyond this physical world, and this happens as we go within through meditation. We experience the love of God as we embark on the inner spiritual journey, and this love fills us with peace and bliss, he said. We gradually realize that we are not the body or the mind, but our soul, which is a droplet of the ocean of all love and bliss—God. We gain a better understanding of our human existence and of our purpose on earth.

Through meditation, we realize that just as the clouds may block the sun on a rainy day, the layers of mind, matter, and illusion that shroud our soul block us from knowing that the rays of God’s love are always shining upon us. When we experience God’s love for ourselves, we grow stronger in our belief that God is with us at all times. With this realization, we experience peace, tranquility, and joy that is lasting.