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Love Increases as It Is Given Away

July 19, 2020

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj shared his joy to be presiding over the 14th Global Meditation in Place online event, which has continued to connect hearts and uplift souls during these challenging times. The talks delivered in Hindi and then in English are translated simultaneously into eight languages for the benefit of the global following that the event has gathered.

He spoke of how the soul has been separated from its Source for eons and is parched and thirsty in this physical existence. Connection with the Light of God, through meditation, nourishes it and allows it to bloom, so that it can begin its long journey back Home. It is for this reason that the human birth represents springtime for the soul. To further illustrate the life-giving nature of God’s love, the spiritual Master shared a verse from the mystic poetry of Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj, which was written in the form of a prayer to God.

The verse asks for pitchers upon pitchers of God’s love to be showered upon the bosom of the earth, so that we may all awaken to the love that surrounds us and is within us. It is this love that when experienced in the silence of the soul, can alleviate the pains of the world. The love of God we experience within allows us to rediscover our oneness with all we meet, and we begin to embrace everyone as our very own. Love, said Sant Rajinder Singh Ji, is the only commodity that increases as it is given away.  The more love we give to others, the more the reservoir of love within us increases.