Mining for Spiritual Gold

April 24, 2021

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj focused his web broadcast on the key role meditation plays in helping us mine for spiritual gold. As human beings, we have a supreme purpose. We have been given this human body to realize our true form, the soul, which is a part of God. Our soul is our spiritual gold, and the purpose of our life is to unearth this gold.

Currently, the soul lies hidden within us, shrouded by layers and layers of mind, matter, and illusion. Saints and spiritual Masters come into this world to help us mine for our spiritual gold. They know where and how to dig, and they guide us step by step through the process. They encourage us to build a strong foundation by developing the ethical virtues of love, compassion, humility, truthfulness, and nonviolence. They exhort us to keep our ego in check, and lead a life of selfless service where we extend a helping hand to others.

Second, they teach us the technique of meditation, the process by which we take our attention away from the outer world and focus it within. We connect with God’s love and light through this process, which removes the layers shrouding our soul and helps us unearth our spiritual gold.