Nourish the Soul through Meditation: Kirpal Bagh, Delhi

February 9, 2020

This Sunday, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the importance of attending a spiritual gathering where we can find the answers to the mysteries of life. When we come to such a gathering, he said, we learn the technique of meditation on the inner Light and Sound, which helps our soul commune with God. We come to realize that God is within us. We experience ourselves as soul, and are infused with the love of God.

Steeped in the illusion of the world, our mind takes this world to be real and keeps us engrossed in the attractions, distractions, and activities that seem important to us. The saints place before us the supreme purpose of this existence , which is to realize ourselves as soul and to find God.

With this understanding we begin to choose those activities that take us closer to God, and steadily leave off those that take us away from God. We begin to practice inverting our attention and focusing it within. Gradually, we experience a transformation in our lives, and we begin to see the Light of God in all of Creation.

The soul is nourished through meditation as it connects with God’s love. It is then ready to embark on its journey back to God, so it can fulfill the purpose for which it was given the human existence.